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Gary S. Mintz Chair

Yean Leng Lim Chair

Imad Sheiban Chair

Nigel Jepson Chair

Feng Cao Discussant

Massoud A. Leesar Discussant

Yong He Discussant

Chotnoparatpat Paiboon Discussant

Li Li Discussant

Shengli Yang Discussant

Kai Xu Discussant

Jingbo Hou Translator
8:30 AM-8:40 AM
Ricardo Costa Speaker Negative remodeling at side branch ostium: a frequent overlooked phenomenon
8:42 AM-8:52 AM
Francesco Lavarra Speaker Medina classification modification proposal, it’s time for a step ahead: the side branch length matters more
8:54 AM-9:04 AM
Massoud A. Leesar Case Reporter Case presentation: FIM High-Definition IVUS and FFR-Guided POT on BRS expansion and SB FFR in a coronary Bifurcation Lesion
9:06 AM-9:16 AM
Imad Sheiban Speaker Is complexity of bifurcation lesion only angiographic ?
9:18 AM-9:28 AM
Ricardo Costa Speaker When provisional stent does not work: angiographic and intravascular imaging predictors
9:30 AM-9:38 AM
S. Tanveer Rab Case Reporter Case presentation:complicated ostial left circumflex intervention
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